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Our Vision

Revitalization of Key West’s blighted waterfront is of critical importance to the quality of life for Keys residents. Mallory Square has long been neglected and is only visited a few hours a day. It has inadequate landscaping and shade. It has prison-style bars blocking public access to the water and historic resources. It has docks and decks that were damaged 12 years ago and never repaired. It has a boarded up, defunct restaurant eyesore. Hurricane Irma caused additional damage. But we will revitalize this space to be beautiful and functional!

We responded to the City's request for proposals to address these problems. We agreed to:

  • Repair and rehabilitate all historic structures, such as the Hospitality House
  • Install new landscaping, fountains, and public art
  • Repair and operate the restaurant space

We hired engineers, architects, and land planners. We petitioned FEMA to change flood maps, attended dozens of meetings with Key West Boards and Staff, and met all the requirements, even completely re-designing the project five times to satisfy all the involved entities.

Our current plan proposes a low-profile, open-air pavilion that preserves visibility of the water. As a member of the Cultural Preservation Society, we will restore the historic Hospitality House as a welcoming and vibrant place with a museum showcasing the history of Mallory Square as well as displaying local artists’ works. A breezy seafood restaurant and splash pad fountains for children will add to the enjoyment of the area. Our plan will increase foot traffic and extend the hours that locals and visitors enjoy Mallory Square.

Want to see more? You can watch a video of the proposal on our Facebook page! Please support our efforts by spreading the word that Key West deserves this restoration project!